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Jimmy specializes in a range of modalities, including myotherapy, remedial massage and sports massage. Read More.

Myotherapy is a hands-on rehabilitative therapy that covers the identification, treatment and prevention of muscular-skeletal issues. While myotherapist usually utilize remedial massage in their treatment sessions, their treatments are of a more holistic nature, focusing not just on treating the area, but identifying why the injury ocurred in the first place. Understanding is the first step to prevention in future, and through a series of specilised test that often involve a range of movements and stretches to help the myotherapist identify the cause of pain.

Once the myotherapist has a good understanding of where the issue stems from, they will use a variety of tools and treatment options to help relieve the pain and get the soft tissue back in to a neutral state. Finally, once the body has been treated, you may be given exercises to help support recovery and ensure the issue does not occur again. Myotherapy is a useful treatment for a range of issues, from general soreness and tightness or neck and pack pain, through to specific conditions like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, occupational overuse syndrome or repetitive strain injury and sciatica.

Remedial massage is one of the core tools used when treating pain and dysfuction that arises from muscular-skeletal issues. The typical remedial massage involves your thearpist consulting with you to find out where the discomfort occurs, and, usually using hands-on treatment through long, firm strokes on the muscle, relieves the tension in the muscles, letting the body return to a neutral state. Remedial massage is great for aches and tension that arise through your work functions and everyday activities.

Sports massage takes a more specialized approach. Your sports therapist will be experienced in identifying which over-usued and under-used muscles are causing the injury or discomfort, and will work with you to relieve the pain through massage, myofascial release, mobility and passive and active stretches. Sports massage is recommended for anyone who regularly engages in strenuous sporting activity, particularly if you focus on one in particular or if you are prone to injury. As you age, the need for recovery is greater, and with a good sports massage you will find you can continue to compete without being plagued with muscluar-skeletal issues.

Within your treatment, your practitioner may utilize dry needling as a tool to help ease tension and get your muscles feeling better. Using sterile, tiny single-use needles, a dry needling practitioner will insert these into taut bands of muscle fibre, invoking a ‘twitch response’ that causes the muscle tissue to relax. It’s a safe and minimally invasive way to get the muscle to relax without the pressure of deep tissue massage, which some people can find painful.

Also available at Forster Myotherapy is cupping – an ancient form of therapy where flame is used to create a vacuum in special glass cups which are then applied to the skin. The skin is drawn up into the cup a small way, creating a hyper-tensile force (lifting the fascia of the muscle up, rather than pushing down on it) which helps the muscle relax. Other benefits of cupping are boosting circulation, delivering more oxygen to muscles and easing tension. Cupping creates the distinctive circular marks on the skin, which look a bit like bruises, but they don’t hurt, and they will fade within a few days.

Forster Myotherapy also offers pregnancy massage, a much needed service for pregnant people from 12 weeks along and over. Using a special pregnancy mat, which enables you to lie face-down, we can administer a personalized massage service that will ease the aches and pains that pregnancy can bring. Even in the earlier days of your pregnancy, your changing body can bring on new areas of tension, and in the later stages, the extra weight can be a heavy burden for your muscles to bear.

Pregnancy massage can be particularly helpful post-partum as you are dealing with your rapidly changing body shape, as well as the constant neck and shoulder tension that occurs when holding a four kilo weight in your arms 24/7. A good massage will ease the tension and bring your body back into a neutral state, which is beneficial for both mother and baby.

Bowen therapy is a gentle, relaxing treatment modality which focuses on the restoration and realignment of the body. During a Bowen session, your practitioner will execute specific, gentle stretching movements over the muscles, following a particular sequence. This will cause the body to relax and realign without the need for any deep, vigorous massage or painful manipulation. Between each sequence, the body is left to completely rest for 2-3 minutes, which allows the brain time to send signals to the rest of the body to relax. The result is subtle but profound, as over one or two sessions you will find you have increased range of movement, better posture and decreased pain.

Coming soon to Forster Myotherapy is Local Cryotherapy. Our local cryotherapy machine can safely turn liquid nitrogen into a vapour to spot-treat injuries, cooling the area more safely and effectively than icing alone. At Forster Myotherapy we have a special focus on treating sports injuries, however the applications for Local Cryotherapy are extensive, and can help treat various conditions such as fibromyalgia.

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