Bowen Therapy

Myotherapist Jimmy Wilson has been utilizing Bowen therapy, as well as teaching the modality, for many years now. A gentle, relaxing therapy, Bowen has been found to help reduce pain, ease tension and help realign the body.

The Bowen Therapy technique is designed to stimulate the proproceptive cells within the fascia – the web-like connective tissue that covers every single muscle, bone, organ and tendon in the body.  The fascia is itself technically the largest organ in the body, and its many functions include providing support for tissues and organs, and carrying nutrients through the body system.

Bowen Therapy Massage

The fascia is also a neuromuscular transmitter, and Bowen Therapy utilizes this function in order to help the body relax and realign itself.

The Bowen Technique involves a practitioner rolling their fingers over the tendons, muscles and ligaments, then leaving the body to completely rest for 2-3 minutes. This stimulation and rest format triggers a response from proprioceptors – specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings found in tendons, joints and muscles. The proprioceptors job is to report tension and stretch within the muscles, and by stimulating them, it will trigger a reaction in the brain, telling the muscle to relax.

The result is a softening of muscle tension and the restoration of joint position, which will improve your range of motion and reduce any chronic pain.

Bowen Therapy Interconnective Tissue

The body’s natural tendency to protect itself when it feels potential for injury or danger creates excessive muscle tension which can effect the range of the joints. This natural and normal phenomenon is there to protect us, but it is somewhat overreactive at times, and stays in this state. Bowen is very effective at allowing the body to return to its natural, neutral state.

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